Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Guess what day it is? The day the Titanic sunk? Yes but no. The day Lincoln died? Yes but no. The day Leonardo da Vinci was born. Yes, but no. It's my birthday. Born the only son of a poor white family on April 15 in the year of our Lord MCMLII. There is a shiny new quarter for the first person to tell me what year that is. Anyway, feel free to bring expensive gifts to the house or via FEDEX. Sorry but I could only find one photo of myself for your enjoyment and here it is. I can't believe how young I still look and feel.


Carly said...

Happy Birthday old man!!!!! Did all of those things really happen on your birthday? You were born in 1952! I'll pick up my quarter later!!

Ellery said...

Props on that post. One of your finest. Glad you were born, so I could be. Happy Birthday. You are the best dad I have ever had!
Love you!