Thursday, July 30, 2009


Don't forget to set your DVR's for Saturday on ABC from 1 to 4 pm to catch the X Games. Cassidy will be competing in the supermoto event against the best supermoto riders in the America and a couple from Europe. I downloaded (or tried to) this photo from Google images and of course you can't ( I can't) make it go bigger on this freakin blog. Where is Darkman when I need him. Anyway it is a photo of Cassidy and his team mates Jeff Ward and David Pingree and some kids at a charity deal in California. You can see the adult version of the photo if you google Cassidy Anderson on Google Images. What a pain in the BUTT.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Rode the Ducati up the loop last night and got a photo of my little Grand Daughter tree. They still haven't found it. Hint: It is between the Aspen Grove campground and the summit, on the left side of the road going up. There is also a small stream that runs in the spring off to the right. I have a shiny new quarter for the first person to find it. If you haven't already this year, check out the loop. LUSH

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Had a most wonderful trip to Powell last weekend. I gave the rookies another lesson in bass technique. Greg caught a couple and Griffin's streak of never catching a fish continues. Weather was there and it was beautiful.
You will notice that Greg got a bad mosquito bite and Griffin stole one of my fish.