Saturday, April 18, 2009


At Lake Powell it is simply known as THE DAY. THE DAY for all of you neophites, was April 18, 2008. What happened on that day made bass angling history. I caught a record setting 18 bass. This feat has not been equaled until strange as it seems, today. The anniversary of THE DAY. It was THE DAY PART DUEX. I might have come up one of two bass short, but there was no comparing the weight. Today's fish were TOADS. What a day, what a day.
Scott and I have a daily competition, first fish, biggest fish, and most fish. Needless to say I killed him. Not even close. I think he caught 6. So after two days of fishing, I have made double triples. If I stay on my game tomorrow I will take the TRIFECTA.
As an interesting footnote, last time Shannon and I were here we got to hear what sounded like several coyotes howling back and forth to each other up in Fence canyon. Well we heard it again today with an extra bonus. As we were fishing the coyote came right down to the water by us. It wasn't scared at all by us. As a matter of fact, it actuallt laid down on the rocks right next to us and watched us fish. As a foot foot note, that is not a bass with a butt claw, that is a bass with a crawdad claw coming out of it's bottom. I performed a clawectomy on it after the photo was taken much to the fishes delight.


coco said...

you make me laugh.

Ellery said...

OHHHHH MY GOSHHH!!!!! Well isn't that fish lucky it was caught by a clawdectomist!! That is the most unbelievable thing I have EVER seen!!! POOR hurts to poop claws!
Dad I think this is a sign YOU need to not be so afraid of the butt doctor.