Thursday, April 30, 2009


Everett Ruess has been found. The original "Into the Wild" man's remains have been found and identified 75 years after his disappearance.
The twenty year old poet and artist who disappeared from Davis Gulch in 1934 without a trace was found out by Comb Wash. We have traveled this area many times since the 70's. There is a great book about him by W.L. Rusho called Everett Ruess, Vagabond of Beauty. I think that is the name, I loaned it to someone years ago and never got it back. It's pretty cool though. This kid experienced all of southern Utah's majesty traveling around with a donkey. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Maynard Dixon and Ansel Adams. His inscription NEMO can still be found carved into sandstone. RIP Everett Ruess!


coco said...

how interesting....those guys were sure adventurous......i whine when i don't have the right keen sandals and i'm out of cell phone service.

Anonymous said...

Wow it is amazing that after all that time they were still able to identify that it was him. Cool story.