Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As I drove up Byuniversity Avenue today I passed some people on bicycles and noticed a sign on the back about a family trip around the world. I couldn't resist the opportunity and I pulled over and waited for them. They are from France and left on a round the world trip with their 3 children over a year ago. They have been all through Europe and South America so far and are currently on their way to Canada. They said it has taken them 2 1/2 weeks to get here from Las Vegas. What an adventure. Think of the memories and stories they will tell. Unbelievable, and they were so fun to talk with. I only wish I could have spent more time with them. We will have to check out their website that is shown on the back of the sign. I hope they are safe and complete this incredible journey.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That is seriously the coolest thing. We should have invited them over for dinner or something. That would be such a neat experience. How cool.