Sunday, November 1, 2009


Took the Born again Bultaco out to the top secret Little Moab test facility yesterday for some hot laps. Unbelievable, runs better than ever. What a BALL. Now I just need to learn to ride. I pretty much suck but had a blast, and it will come. Just takes some practice. I still can't believe that I even have it. Thanks again, Al and Annie.


al said...

Ye ole pursang brings a tear a joy when I see its regal #661... right down to the fender stickers..It's funny you took it down towards Moab and the canyon country.. The last ride I had on that vallant steed was out of bullfrog riding up the dirty devil. We where trying to get near the Spanish Bottoms when the clutch give out. I had noticed a lose of power and found out later the piston had a problem.. I had to be towed back to camp.. that's another story I'd love to share with you some time. Anne and I will look forward to a visit some day..

jerry said...

Call anytime you get back to Utah County Big Al. Love to see you guys again. Have a Merry Christmas.