Monday, November 9, 2009


Leaving Powell yesterday Shannon suggested we go out and take a peak at the new resort. There was an security gate that just happened to be open due to a car that had just entered so of course we followed and drove right to the entrance. It is about five miles down a dirt road off of highway 89. Pretty weird to follow a dirt road and end up at a place like this. A little bit outer worldly. We decided to take a look. The minute our feet hit the steps a girl appeared out of nowhere and I expected her to say, " Mr. Bond has been waiting for you. " Instead I asked her if there were any openings in housekeeping. Actually I asked if they were open and if they have a brochure. She was great. Said she actually dated a Jerry Anderson in high school down in Texas. Holy cow this place is amazing. It is like nothing I have ever seen. There are 34 suites. 6 with pools. And I mean pools. 46x20 foot private pools. Private sky terraces with day beds for star gazing at night or tanning during the day. Every spa treatment known to woman and some unknown. Budget suites start at 600 per night up to 3000 for the largest pool suite. We were given a cute little " See Ya'll " as we left and proceeded to dust the crap out of a couple arriving in a brand new spotless BMW M6 convert with the top down. They really need to pave the road.


Cassandcole said...

Looks like my kind of place!!!!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Let's move in there! Can you buy any of the houses or is it like a hotel?? That place looks amazing!

jerry said...

It is a resort, not for sale but they are going to build villas that will start at like 5 million for a small one.