Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hi kids, remember this wall.
Someone call Suzy. Darkman's boat washed ashore. I told him not to try it without his spondon.


Ellery said...

UMMMMMM I think that wall is missing something..........maybe 12 PEOPLE!!!

Mom, read the buttons before you push them. Although, I bet you were quite refreshed afterward:)
Funny funny picture. I wonder who would have done that first if we all were there....you or Carly.

Ellery said...
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Ellery said...

Dad while blogging add your photos in backwards or click and drag them to where you want them.

And MOM! That is one nice sandass!!

OH Snap!!!

Hayley said...

These pictures are beautiful and also PAINFUL to look at!

And mom, that shot of you drenched really made my night... I can just imagine how hard dad was laughing at you. Either that or acting like he didn't know you.

Scott said...

It is so cold in Utah. You guys have fun for us.

Carly said...

Ellery can kiss my sandass. haha just kidding. You guys look like your having so much fun!!! (if you're wondering i walked to my car this morning and had to brush snow off my windows) anyway, I love the picture of you guys on the wall! Have you seen any whales at all? I can only imagine moms reaction to the water hiting her face instead of her toes hahaha Love you guys have so much fun for us!

Kevin said...

I think you better snorkel out and see if I went down with the ship.