Friday, February 13, 2009


Last night we were treated to a gourmet dinner at Mama'sFish House with Steve and Barb, their great kids and nieces, Taryn and Ellery. What a fun time with great friends. Food is out of this world and the place is just totally cool in a great location. In keeping with our No Photos On Thursday tradition, I forgot to put the memory chip back in the camera. Oh well, Taryn took one and will email to me later. Magic night. Thanks to the Youngs.


Collins Family said...

i am living through your adventure. i can tell you are in heaven. greg and i both thought the exact same thing... mom's face looks HAPPY. the story about the whales gave me chills. when we went out on the whale boat last time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. hope u got some video.

wish i could breath some of that perfume air i remember so well.

keep enjoying paradise

love, elle
(i didnt realize i was logged in under collins account)

Carly said...

Those fish are so pretty!!! Tell taryn hi for me! I bet you were in heaven riding a motorcycle around hawaii!!! Love you guys!! Happy Valentines day!