Saturday, April 3, 2010


Griffin and I caught these fatties in honor of Shannon's birthday. I can't recall the last time that we caught a small bass. They are all about the same size and getting bigger. I am sure as the smallmouth get active we will start catching some smaller fish, but not yet. The water is still pretty cold. We need to gain 10 degrees in most areas before it will really get good. But what a ball. G Man set his record for personal best with that 3.8 pounder.


Griff said...

Amazing trip! I can't wait to get out again! It's always nice to get a new "PB" now its time to bring in a 4.8 pounder!!!!! Thanks again for dragging me along!

Cassidy and Nicole Anderson said...

You guys both have a big bass!

cottasofia said...

Amazing trip. I liked it. You have given information. You have big bass.

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Abhistha said...

i hope that she will also be old one day,but i know that she is not pregnant now

Abhistha said...

incompletely written

Abhistha said...

and do you know she is crazy,old lady!belive me i know that,good luck,you are mad.

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