Sunday, October 11, 2009


Shannon and I went to Kingsbury last night to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt on stage together. What a show. Funny! Lovett killed me. He said he was called a folksinger for a long time. He said a folksinger was really anybody that couldn't afford a band. Then he said we weren't going to hear any " If I had a Hammer or Lips Sweeter than Wine tonight". His songs were great, Fat Babies, One Eyed Fiona, and his infidelity song, Keep It In Your Pantry. First time I have seen him live, what a talent and voice plus he rides motocross and has an MV Agusta. He could hang out here. And John Hiatt needs no introduction here. He recently made my Hall of Fame. He played so many of my favorites it was unbelievable and wailed on the acoustic guitar. It is bittersweet hearing someone play like that. Damn I wish I could play like him. Practice, practice, practice. Great night!!!


Ellery said...

Hope Lyle didn't say any off color jokes with mom there :)

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Let's just hope next time you take me!!!! And does Lyle look like a rooster to anyone else??