Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Somewhere deep in the bowels of Utah County lies a shrine to Pee Wee Herman. First person to identify the site will win a shiny new quarter. GOOD LUCK


Carly said...

Is it at your friend Joes shop?! He has all sorts of crazy stuff in there! :) No offense joe...its cool!

jerry said...

CONGRATULATIONS CARLY MILLER!!!!! YOU HAVE JUST WON A BEAUTIFUL, SHINY NEW QUARTER. Yes the answer is Auto Installs home of Joe Church Finlinson, a true renaissance man. Make sure you see Joe for all of your auto, boat and rv audio and video needs. There is none better in the business. He can be reached at 801-830-3009.

Carly said...

Did i seriously get it!!!! Wow i just impressed myself! haha I will have you know i started googling trying to find it forever. Then i realised it wasn't on an internet "site" it was somewhere you had been! Thats when i started really looking at the photo....and thats when it came to me! haha that is pretty funny

Larry said...

You can't offend Joe. When you step into Auto Installs, you do go somewhere back in time , maybe in a previous life. No better "fix it all dude ", ever!
As for the previous post, which I didn't read until after Leadville, I'll have to thank Ace for the props and let him know Larreen took 69th out of 70 in the WOMENS 50+ class!
Larry Larreen