Thursday, July 2, 2009


Had a most wonderful trip to Powell last weekend. I gave the rookies another lesson in bass technique. Greg caught a couple and Griffin's streak of never catching a fish continues. Weather was there and it was beautiful.
You will notice that Greg got a bad mosquito bite and Griffin stole one of my fish.


Carly said...

LETS GO BACK!!!! Thanks for such a fun trip dad! Summer wouldn't be cool without lake powell. That was one REally really fun trip though. I think you intimidate griffin and so he chokes up and never catches anything ha. You forgot to tell everyone how you waterskiied for the first time in 25 years!!! I'll have to post that video!

greg said...

Mosquito Bite?!!! Damn you really know where to hit a guy where it counts! All I know is that picture belongs on the cover of Bass Masters!

Awsome trip though! Can't get enough! Thanks!

"Good times noodle salad!"

Ellery said...

why don't i get the mosquito bite?
i was sad to come home as always. nothing revives the soul like a good powell trip. thanks for giving us the opportunity to make so many memories there. for us summer fun=lake powell. yes, it was awesome and hopefully one day greg will know how to spell awesome.