Wednesday, December 24, 2008


If you know me at all, and I assume you do or why would you be looking at this blog, then you know that Jimmy Buffett has been my hero since the early 70's. And he still is, look at his new ride. He calls it the Green Tomato and I want it. It could be the Bassmobile and I could be Bassman.


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

ha ha ha ha ha... actually, I could totally see you driving that thing!

Carly said...

NOW i know what the green tomatoe is! Thanks dad! Glad to see your back to blogging! Finally :)

Ellery said... havent posted longer than i have...good to see some new posts.

i like jimmy's should get one and instead of surf boards there would be huge bass adorning the sides. dont worry i would even still admit you were my dad as you drove it around.

good thing you didn't reveal the "secret motha load" location...i think some of the bass masters have caught on to your blog.