Monday, October 20, 2008


About three weeks ago my longtime friend Al Pulham, who I haven't seen in fifteen years , called to tell me that he was moving to Dutch John, Utah and that he needed to clean out his storage unit. He said that he had something in there that I would be interested in. A 1973 Bultaco 175 Pursang race bike. Not ANY Bultaco, MY Bultaco. The one I raced in the early 70's. My favorite racebike of all time. He bought it from me in late 74 and had it ever since. Indoors, and covered for 34 years. You have to know Al. Annie said he is a hoarder and collector extrodinaire. I know this because when we were building a cabin together in 74 up by Alta he wouldn't let me use his insect repellent because he bought it in Alaska and it was sentimental to him. Anyway he had kept the Bultaco stored away until this move. He told me he would not accept any money for it, that he wanted to GIVE it to me. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He told me that he would be coming down on Oct. 18 and I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas. The only thing cooler than seeing the Bultaco was seeing Al and Annie again after so many years. Two finer people do not exist. This was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and they will never truly know how much it meant to me.


Ellery said...

Great story...that bike is where all this motorcycle craziness started..good to have it back home.
Soo funny about the bug repelant!
Fun stuff

Carly said...

I think that is such a cool thing for him to do! He could have easily just gotten rid of it. What a nice guy! It is fun for us kids to see what you rode "back in the day"!!!

Carly said...

Dad we need you to post again!